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Public Transportation

Atlanta is not really known for its massive public transit system, but we do have something called MARTA, which is the bus system as well as the train system that runs alongside I-85/GA 400 to the north/south and I-20 to the east/west. MARTA actually makes sense for getting to the airport, as it goes straight to the terminal (and Delta actually has MARTA-side check in). The closest stops to campus are the Midtown stop, which the Tech Trolley goes to and goes straight to the TSRB. The North Avenue stop is actually closer walking distance, but does not have the shuttle.

Other good uses for MARTA are if you go to a Braves game, go to a concert at Hi-Fi Buys ampitheater, go to Georgia State University for anything, or go to Lenox.

If you will be using public transportation a lot (its called MARTA, consider buying a month pass ($40) at the student center ticket office. - Jose Zagal
Actually, as of Fall 05, GaTech is subsidizing MARTA passes even more $30 a month. I use MARTA to get from Avondale Estates on the east side of town to GaTech's TSRB every day and think the benefits outweigh the downsides. I'd be happy to discuss more specifics if someone needs. - Valerie (vlh@cc)

Georgia Tech's bus system includes:
Stinger - Bus routes throughout the main Georgia Tech campus
Tech Trolley - Bus route between the main campus, tech square, and MARTA.
Grocery Shuttle - Weekend shuttle between GLC and Publix in Atlantic Station.

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