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Movie Rental

You are in a big city, where are the "cool" places to rent a movie?

NameContact InfoNoteSource
Videodrome404-885-1117They sort movies by director and really know their products (unlike most chain stores).Jonathan D'Andries
Movies Worth Seeing404-892-1802Do not know much about, but have heard it is similar to Videodrome.Jonathan D'Andries
They have a large selection of foreign, genre, classics and foreign-language, as well as recent movies.Giovanni Iachello
Good selection by director of foreign/indie/classic films. Also stock some mainstream movies, improving DVD collection Joe Tullio
The Village Vidiot404-880-0052Again, this is not personal experience but well recommended.Jonathan D'Andries
Netflix Add movies to your online queue and pay a monthly fee to keep a certain number of movies at a time. Since there's a distribution center in Duluth, GA, turnaround time on many movies is pretty fast.K.K. Lamberty

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