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Periodicals & Radio Stations

What are the main periodicals of Atlanta? What are various radio stations in the area, both music and news-wise? Where does one go to find news and information about the city? Websites are very helpful.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Atlanta's main newspaper
Creative Loafing - Free newspaper distributed throughout the city on weekends which will tell you about all the cool events happening around town
Access Atlanta - AJC's attempt to tell the city what's going on around town entertainment-wise.

Radio Stations

99X - Rock/Alternative station in Atlanta. Plays new stuff (boo) and 90's rock (yay!)
Wrek - Georgia Tech student radio. Random access to the archive of last week. Nice classical music from 6–9 am.
NPR - Classical music and National Public Radio news
DaveFm - from the site "hey include vintage music from the 60s and 70s, local Icons such as the Black Crows and Widespread Panic, pillars like REM, U2 and Dave Matthews, as well as the amazing gems from the 80's and all that the mid 90's had to offer, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay and, frankly, any kind of music that makes us feel good and nostalgic."

News Stations

11Alive - Local NBC News
CNN - Yes, CNN is national news, but it is based in Atlanta

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