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Drivers License

Georgia DDS

Do not go to the place on Moreland Avenue or Memorial Drive to get a driver's license. Rather, go outside the city.

I just found out that you can make appointments with the DDS. This is highly recommended to save you the standing-in-line time. Driver's License Reservations (678) 413-8500

I think the only places you can make appointments are at the Sandy Springs location and the one in Marietta. And you can only make them to do an out of state license transfer. If you lost your license, then you need to wait in line.

If you need to change your address on your license, you can do it once for free in a 4 year period online. They will mail you your new license.

What about for international students?
If you are an international student and you have a drivers license from your home country, you have to turn that in (and they keep it) when you apply for the Georgia license. Also, you have to take both the written test (its a computer based test and the material you need to learn can be downloaded from the Georgia DMV site.) as well as the driving test. Its not too bad :). For international students, you cannot make appointments - I went to the place on Candler road and went very early to get in the queue. I had my license after a couple of hours - I suggest taking along reading material for the wait. Posted 2-8-07
The above might vary for international students with a Canadian license (a full G license). After taking the written test and paying the necessary fees, I left with my new US license (they let me keep my Canadian license). ~D.I.

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