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Theaters (Live)

For those people into the theater scene, what's a good place to catch a live show? Be it musicals, comedies, drama, improv, stand-up comedy, or more, where do you go to find out what's happening? Include websites or other information if you have it.

Dad's Garage is a great place to see improv. Thursday night, $6.50 or so per person, and quite worth it.

Whole World Theatre - Improv theatre close to campus. Haven't been to their theatre, but saw them during Piedmont Park's Improv in the Park and they were quite good.

Fox Theatre - a lot of the big live shows come to here, including the broadway musical tour, Cirque du Soleil, etc. Kinda pricey on a grad student budget, but worth it for those who love that sort of thing. Within walking distance to campus.

Shakespeare Tavern - quirky fun place that's dinner theater. I've seen several shows there (including the annual Christmas Carol production) and it's been excellent.

AtlanTix - Atlanta's source for half-price tickets.

Georgia Tech's Ferst center has good shows on for good prices - everything from musicals, to comedy etc. Posted 2-08-07

Drama Tech - I recently discovered the student run theater at Tech which is pretty cool and also inexpensive (e.g. I paid $5 for a show recently).

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