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What do people do for recreation around Atlanta? If you want to play sports, rock climb, sky dive, ice skate, sail, ski, hike, or anything, where do you go? How much does it cost? What times of year are best to go? Include websites or other information if you have it.

Rock Climbing
You can do indoor rock climbing both at the Campus Recreation Center, as well as Atlanta Rocks.

Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech (ORGT)
They offer outdoor classes and trips from Whitewater rafting to rock climbing to backpacking. ~ D.I. (2/17/08)

I go skydiving regularly at SkydiveAtlanta (SkydiveAtlanta). It's fun. Georgia Tech has a skydiving club that offers incredible deals for taking lessons. You can also use their gear if you pay a minimal annual due.
Posted by Shan Shan Huang (ssh@cc) 3/3/04

Running Routes
I often make loops with Piedmond, Peachtree, 10th, Ponce deLeon, Monroe, and in and around Piedmond Park. I can generally make a loop up to 9 miles without having to repeat streets. The scenery is decent. A good resource of Atlanta running routes and area group runs is Atlanta Track Club. You really need to get your run over with EARLY in the summer time.
Posted by Shan Shan Huang (ssh@cc) 3/3/04

Ultimate Frisbee
We have a great frisbee club in Atlanta, the AFDC. Leagues in ultimate and goaltimate occur pretty much year round. Whether you've never played before or are looking to join a club-level team, the AFDC has something for you. For more information, visit the AFDC website.

If you still have college eligibility, you might consider joining the GT Men's or Women's ultimate team (

Finally, GT Intramurals offers ultimate frisbee each Fall semester. The last 3 years, we have gotten together one or two teams of CoC grad students/faculty to play. IM leagues for other sports including soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, etc. are also offered throughout the school year. The CoC typically has student organized teams for these sports as well. Feel free to contact me (Justin Jang, for more information.
Posted by Justin Jang (jang@cc) 3/23/04

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