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Coffee Houses

We know you can find a Starbucks anywhere. What are some good coffee places with a nice atmosphere that are unique to Atlanta? Include address, phone number, and website of the place if you can.

NameContact InfoNoteSource
Octane Coffeehttp://www.octanecoffee.comClose to campus. Free wireless. Comfortable place to study. The best cafe in town.Zia Khan zkhan@cc
Ashtons have homemade ice cream and board games everywhere. I have seen toned-down live music and a political meeting held here.Jonathan D'Andries
Joes510 Flat Shoals AvenueLaid back, free wireless, people spend half the day there, that kind of place.aforte@cc
San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.N. Highland at Amsterdam and also
N. Highland at Ponce
They roast their coffee in the basement and have an atmostphere that I really dig. No wireless or power outlets inside, but I like that. They also have 'Mexican Chocolate' that you can get in a latte instead of the standard mocha stuff, it's really good :)eaganj@cc
Midcity Cafehttp://www.midcitycafe.comBarely a block north of the management building, near tsrb. free wireless and all that, but the coffee (lavazza) is the best i've had in a long time.arvind@cc
Chocolate Coffee coffee place at Shallowford and I-85 (kind of a drive from Midtown). Has free wireless and live musicjulie@cc
Aurora CoffeeVa-Hi and L5PHas coffee.ti@cc
Urban Tea PartyN Highland and North AveHas tea, which is like coffee.ti@cc

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