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Car Registration

A lot of people who move here may have to make a decision on whether they want to move their vehicle registration to Georgia. What is the process?

The car must be insured and recently passed the emission test (bring evidence of both at the County tag office). You must register your car in the county where you live. Go to the county office, pay (cash or check) and attach the tag to the car. It took me 20 minutes.

Do you need a Georgia driver's license first?

Technically, you're supposed to have a GA license within 30 days of moving here or something. In practice, people (including myself) register their car for years without a GA license, it'll just cost more in fees when you finally do get a license. -aforte

How much does it cost?

The tag is $20 (unless you want a special tag). You may also have to pay an $18 title fee. You don't pay the ad valorem property tax until your next birthday. In Fulton County, the tax rate is about 2% of the value of your car (42mills times a 40% assessment).

Is it worth it to switch?

You must if you're resident in GA (students are an exception as they can elect to live here but not be resident).

It totally depends on what your home state is. I'm from Ohio, and it was going to cost me an extra $300 per year to switch, so I just kept my car registered in Ohio. However, people from California or Massachusetts have found that it's cheaper to register in Georgia.

Georgia DMV website

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