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If you want to catch a sports game in Atlanta, where do you go? Include everything from the Atlanta Braves to small time sports games that you can watch. Also, include schedule information or websites if you have them available.

Spectator sports

GT Sports -

Braves -

Hawks -

Falcons -

Thrashers -

Sports leagues/clubs


AFDC - The largest Atlanta organization for ultimate. Easy to get onto a team even if you just moved here and don't know anyone.


Wolf's Indoor Soccer - Short sided games (6 vs 6). Great indoor field - plays like grass. No playing off the walls, there are out-of-bounds lines, throw-ins, etc. Competition is tough for the open level, a little less tough for rec league.

Atlanta Club Sport - Short-sided games (7 vs 7, 5 vs 5) Good for the recreational player. Games are held at Mercer University near spaghetti junction. Pitch is pretty rough, tape your ankles well.

ADASL - Probably the biggest outdoor soccer organization. Lots of teams, but you may have to try out and pay a bit of money.

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