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Even computer scientists like to see the great outdoors every now and then, right? Where are good places to go walk your dog, go roller blading, go biking, go hiking, just take a walk, or in general enjoy being outside? Which parks are easy to get to and hold fun events? Include directions or web pages if available.

Piedmont Park - - nice park down 10th street, a few miles from campus. Good place to job, ride bikes, skate, etc. Great place if you have a dog, since they have a big, fenced in "no leash" area where they can run around and play.

Centennial Olympic Park - - park a few blocks south of campus, just past Centennial Place apartments. Lots of stuff related to the olympics on display there. During the summer, they have free "On the bricks" concerts, and during the winter, they have a bunch of holiday lights and a place to go ice skating (yes, outdoor ice skating in Atlanta!).

Sweetwater Creek State Park - - 20 minutes west of the city, off I-20 West, one of the prettiest suburban parks, with two lakes, hills, waterfall and historic 1800s mill site.

Grant Park - - park in neighborhood of the same name located on Boulevard off I-20E. Contains the Atlanta Zoo and Cyclorama within its limits.

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