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Medical Insurance

Unfortunately, graduate student medical insurance is not paid for by the school, although it is subsidized. Is the school's insurance worth getting, or are there other places to look as well? This is an especially important decision for people with spouses or dependents, so anyone who can offer advice on this is appreciated. Include phone numbers, addresses, or websites where applicable.

Talk to Jennifer White at the student health center. She is a great resource for any questions about medical insurance.

I signed up for the Georgia Tech student health care just after classes started in 2004. The insurance is through Pearce & Pearce. It costs me about $900 per year for the "deluxe" coverage (this is subsidized for students with assistantships), which they'll let you make in payments. I can't report on how well the coverage is since nothing has happened since I've signed up for it. It does not cover anything that can be treated by the Student Health Center. The student health center DOES cover a lot. I've gone there for women's health stuff and one time when I had a stomach bug. Very inexpensive ($20) for the former or completely free for an exam and a prescription for the latter.

Health insurance is now mandatory for all students. If you already have insurance you can apply for a waiver - go to the site to find out how. If you don't already have insurance, you will automatically be billed for the Pearce and Pearce insurance plan described above. Posted 2-08-07

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