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Movie Theaters

What are some good places around town to see a movie? This can include anything from the brand new latest blockbuster theaters with stadium seating and great sound systems, to the older, smaller theaters that show independent movies or older, movies at a discount price. Include which places have student discounts and how much they cost. Also include addresses, phone numbers, or web pages if you have them.

NameContact InfoNoteSource
Lefont Theaters atmosphere showing independent movies (Best place for Rocky Horror Picture Show)Jonathan D'Andries
United Artists Tara Cinimas404-634-5661This is where the director and producer of "The Blair Witch Project" came to premier their new movie. Great movie-watching atmosphere with movies that AMC does not show until there is a public outcry.Jonathan D'Andries
Regal 24(800)326-3264Your basic, new theater with stadium seating and surround sound, large screens, 24 screens, good for seeing the latest and greatest. They have a student discount, which makes tickets $6. $7 (as of 8/17/2005) Located right off of I-85, about a 15 minute drive from campusJulie Kientz
MidTown Art CinemaWebpageJust next to the eastern edge of Piedmont Park, this theater shows both mainstream and foreign and genre movies.Giovanni Iachello
AMC Parkway Pointe(404) 816-4262 Nice new theatre with stadium style seating. Borders is next door if you need time to kill. Also Don Pablos is right by for Mexican food. Student prices $7.50 Friday/Saturday, $6.50 otherwise. Up I-75, take Cumberland exit, make left. Right at Cumberland/Cobb Pkwy Chris Plaue
Regal 16404-347-9894Nice theater in Atlantic Station, but often very busy. $7 student tickets. Be sure to bring your parking lot stub to get it validated. Walkable from GLC or 10th&HomeDan Englender

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