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Live Music

Where are good places to go for live entertainment? From small clubs and intimate scenes to large outdoor concerts, where can a music lover of any type go to hear some good live music? How do you hear about upcoming concerts or shows? Include addresses, phone numbers, or websites where available.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - The classical season program is more than decent, with traditional classics and more modern and contemporary composers, both American and foreign. Sometime they have cheap last minutes at the box office. Don't buy the wine, it's awful. - Good place to check out local concerts and shows

Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre - Main outdoor pavilion where big concerts are held. Saw Radiohead there in Oct. 2003. Holds a LOT of people and it's hard to see the stage, even from the seated area. Best way to get there is to take MARTA, and they have free shuttle busses that run from the subway stop to the arena. Otherwise, expect to pay $25 to park. Check out the website for directions, schedules, and ticket information.

Philips Arena - Big indoor arena for shows, normally where the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team plays. Saw R.E.M. there in Oct. 2003. Not too bad of a view, if you don't get seats on the floor. Walking distance from campus, near Centennial Olympic Park, but don't walk alone, because the neighborhood isn't so hot. Again, check out website for details.

Places to see music you can't buy at K-Mart:
Variety Playhouse (used to be a theater; annoyingly, there are still seats.)
The Earl (smallish bar)
Echo Lounge
The Roxy (great venue, mix of bands)
Smith's Olde Bar
The Five Spot Often there's no cover, a cool bar. Maybe when 2006 finally arrives they'll update their website... hehe

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