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As grad students, we do a lot of reading. Sometimes for pleasure, even! Where are good places around Atlanta to get books, or are fun to hang out in and read, or generally have rare or specialty books? This can include places like Borders, or independent bookstores as well. Include addresses, phone numbers, or web pages where applicable.

The GaTech bookstore is a Barnes & Noble. Pretty nice store, no great deals though. Very large and convenient though. Right in Tech Square near TSRB.

There is a sci fi/mystery only bookstore on Shallowford right off of I-85, which is kind of a drive, but it is still cool.

Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop - 2558 Shallowford Rd. NE, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA, 30345 404-634-3226

UPDATE: Now closed :(

There is a Borders bookstore/cafe on Ponce between Boulevard and Ponce Place. There are a couple more on Peachtree.

Used bookstores I know and frequent:
  1. on intersection of Virginia and Highland - half priced books
  2. heading out on Ponce, to the right just before you hit Highland (behind a HRBlock office) - books, posters, artwork

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