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Bars & Clubs

If you're into the bar scene, you realize that there are a lot of bad bars out there. Help people new to town figure out where the good places to go are! Include directions, addresses, or websites if you have them.

Manuel's Tavern is fun and has pretty yummy food. Good grilled cheese. For more on where to find a good grilled cheese, check out my webpage at:

Posted by K.K. Lamberty

Ian Smith's Ultimate Atlanta Bar Review Page - may be slightly dated, but a lot of it is still relevant.

Vision Atlanta - This is my favorite Hip Hop club in Atlanta. It's really trendy and dressy. On Peachtree close to 10th and 14th street. Go to the website and sign up for the emails (with free passes) b/c it gets expensive.

Posted by Tammy Clegg

And if you're into non-dressy, i.e. bars not clubs, there are places like

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