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Mobile Phone Service

Discuss experiences you've had with the various mobile phone services in Atlanta (AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc). You can talk about phones, how good of service you get in various places of interest on campus, and any problems or experiences you've had with customer service.

You can get a discount from Cingular for being a GT student. Just ask when you sign up for your phone for details.
~Erika Shehan

I use Cingular and I get really good coverage all over the city. Calls drop for me very rarely, and I've only noticed my phone being out of service on very rare occasions. Definitely better signal than T-mobile from what I hear, but the plans are more expensive. But, if you have friends that use cingular you can get free mobile-to-mobile with them and not have to worry about using up anytime minutes.

Website: Cingular

Info on Cingular's Georgia Tech discounts:

Posted by Julie Kientz (julie@cc), 3-9-06

I use Verizon. I had SprintPCS for a few years, but their coverage isn't as good as Verizon. I drive to the middle of no where a lot and whereever I go, Verizon phones seem to get coverage and my stinking Sprint didn't. So I switched.

Posted by Shan Shan Huang (ssh@cc), 3-3-04

I use SprintPCS. I am able to get coverage in my office and since they cover major highways, my husband and I have had pretty good luck when we use the phone on the road. I was impressed with the coverage in Hawaii too. We don't get great coverage when we visit farmland in SD, but we're not there too often, and even there we get coverage on the interstate.

Posted by K.K. Lamberty (kristin@cc), 3-7-04

I use T-Mobile and reliability is all but German. Frequent dropped calls, congested cells, and in some GT buildings, e.g. where GVU is, it does not get the signal.

Posted by G. Iachello (giac@cc)

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