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Listing of stores to buy furniture, both new and used.

An IKEA just opened in June 2005 close to campus near 17th street Atlantic Station. They have lots of good, cheap, interesting furniture, but the store is typically a madhouse on weekends if you go then. If you need furniture soon, go during the week. Otherwise, you might want to hold out until the chaos dies down.

If you're looking for very cheap furniture and don't care if it's used, the Salvation Army right next to campus on Marietta street usually has a pretty big selection. When I first moved here, I bought a couch, armchair and ottoman, dining room table and chairs, and a dresser for $300.

Downtown Atlanta Thrift Store
746 Marietta Street
(404) 523-6214

Get more used furniture local to Atlanta:
Also, the newsgroup

For new furniture, there is a HUGE collection of furniture stores up I-85 North outside the loop near Jimmy Carter Blvd. Lots of places to look and price compare.

Also, for discounted imports, there are a lot of international furniture stores on Buford Highway. For example: Furniture Outlet Chamblee, 5038 B Buford HWY, Chamblee, GA 30341, 770-455-8893 has what appear to be decent prices on mattresses.

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