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We all hate it, but going to the dentist is something we should all do! List any recommendations you have for gentle, affordable dentists here. Include address, phone number, and website of the place if you can.

Dr Jerry Richman

I've been very happy with Dr Richman. He used to teach at the Emory dental school, so he's quite qualified. Even though his practice emphasises cosmetic dentistry, he is a general dentist and is quite good (I've not had any real cosmetic dentistry performed). I highly recommend him. See his website for more info, or just call 404 841 9500. If you want to mention that I (James Eagan <eaganj@cc>) referred you, go ahead, but it's not necessary.

Georgia Tech Dental Clinic

Inexpensive, friendly and on campus.

Vinings Dental group on Paces Ferry Road really blows. Their office staff are completely incompetent!

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