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Broadband Internet

We computer science geeks are lost without our broadband, right? List here experiences you've had with various broadband internet services in Atlanta. Feel free to get as technical as you want, or just give an overview. Include website of the service if you can.

Charter Cable is awful. If you have a choice, stay away from them!

I use Comcast. We don't pay for cable television, and it cost $30 for the first 5 months and now pay $55. Free installation and the cable modem costs $3 per month to rent. You can provide your own equipment if you want, but I've heard rumors if you use your own, whenever you have problems with your cable they'll always blame your "faulty third party equipment" first. This solution was idea for us over and DSL, since both of us just use our cell phones and we don't have a landline. The service has been fine for us... rarely goes down, the speed is pretty good and it cooperates well with our wireless.

Comcast Website

Posted 3-2-04

I use Speakeasy ( They provide a number of different DSL options, both ADSL and SDSL. I've been with them in Boston and here and the service is exceptional. It is a bit pricy. I pay $84 for 1gb up/down symmetric. If bandwidth is important to you, I say go with speakeasy!

Posted by Shan Shan Huang (ssh@cc), 3-3-04

There was a recent discussion on slush about the horribleness that is BellSouth DSL. The basic consensus was stay away unless you absolutely have to. (seconded 6-20-06)

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