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Finding the right bank can be really important, so try and help out new students by describing any experiences you've had with them. Include address, phone number, and website of the place if you can.

If you are an RA/TA and sign up for an account at Wachovia, tell them you work for Georgia Tech. They have a special program called Wachovia@Work that gives you discounts on check printing, etc. Also, as a GT student you are eligible for an account at the Lockheed Georgia Federal Credit Union, which, strangely enough, is one of the only banks in Atlanta with a change counting machine. ~Erika Shehan

I bank with Wachovia (checking, check card, ATMs handy) and with netbank (checking with interest, check card, savings account, ATMs hard to come by, but you can use the ones outside of Publix). –bk

I used to bank with Wachovia, but now I bank with SunTrust. Besides the added convenience of location (I walk past SunTrust on my way to campus from Centennial Place), I prefer dealing with employees at SunTrust. There is a very personal feel to visiting our SunTrust branch. People there know me by name. After waiting in line at Wachovia for up to an hour and a half just to find out I was in the wrong line and had to wait in another line (even though I tried to ask someone before waiting at all and they told me I needed to wait to talk to someone), I appreciate the short wait and personal touch of SunTrust.

I banked online with Wachovia, and I bank online with SunTrust. I have billpay with SunTrust, and that has been really nice. I have a debit card through them too. There is an ATM in the student center and there are branches in most Publix grocery stores with extended hours.

Posted by K.K. Lamberty

I would recommend Bank Of America. Their service has been good and they have branches in most (all?) states.
One note about Wachovia: I was in Illinois over summer, and they do not have any branches there or close by, so I was out of luck when I wanted a bank draft or any other teller services. Yes, you can still withdraw money and deposit checks at other banks ATMs, but sometimes you need a branch. ~ D.I

Bank of America is good too.

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