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Auto Mechanics

A trustworthy auto mechanic is a good thing to have! List any recommendations you have here. If you can, include an address, phone number, or website for the place.
(Slightly re-organized to make it easier to see good/bad experiences)

NameContact InfoNoteRecommend?
Steve Davis - Davis Garage404-761-1506You have to drive south past the 85 split a little, but this is great work and very inexpensive. I was recommended to him by the head of the undergraduate coop division, and he is the best mechanic I have ever known. He is good to call for any kind of car issue because he can recommend someone good even if he does not do the work himself. – Jonathan D'Andries Yes
Piedmont/Lindberg Exxon Service Station404-237-9222A nice step up from Jiffy-Lube type places. Don't try to push questionable services, fast and honest. – Ed ClarksonYes
Cooper Lake Chevron(770) 432-02034360 S Cobb Dr SE. It is on the corner of S. Cobb drive and Cooper Lake Road.
Joe Taylor at Shadetree Garage(404) 881-63191819 Marietta Blvd NW, Atlanta 30318
Catherine's Auto Shop404-817-76401172 Northside Drive
-Service-friendly mechanic right next to Tech campus – and they even will drop you off on campus and pick you up again when your car's done!
- Second opinion from someone who went to Catherines based on seeing their name on the swiki: I feel that Catherine's auto shop charges too much. They quoted me double the dealer's price to replace my brake pads and I didn't feel like there were any benefits to going here other than it being so close to campus. – Marshini Chetty (Fall 2005)
- Third opinion: I brought them my '92 Nissan Maxima because of transmission problems. They made repairs for 922$ without solving the problem. Next time they suggested to replace ignition coils for 700$ which "might" solve the issues. They admit that they have a flow chart which they simply follow...without knowing whether these parts are even broken...Again service is very friendly, but they don't really try to solve your problem. – Tobias Lang
-Fourth opinion from someone who went to Catherine's based off of recommendations from others. They wanted $1200 for two ball joints and a tie rod. When I asked which tie rod, they told me the inner tie rod. But when I looked up prices, it seemed they were charging me for the entire tie rod assembly - inner and outer. I pointed this out to the manager, who told me I was right. They then quoted me a higher price later when I called back. As I see it, these guy are ripping you off with a smile. – Matt Livianu
5th opinion - I had my car towed into this shop after the alternator crapped out on marietta street. Their prices were insanely high. In fact, I felt like they gave me especially high prices because my car was essentially stuck in their parking lot... So I told them I was going elsewhere, thank you. Car wouldn't start after being jumped, and they tried to gouge me for buying a new battery ($125 for a battery?!). I ended up buying a new battery from Costco, changing it in the Catherine's parking lot after hours, and driving on battery power over to Auto Battery & Ignition on W. Peachtree - who offered to do the same repair at half the cost! I'll never go to Catherine's again - Erika Shehan
Yes - 1
No - 4
Williamsburg Chevron404-321-39301923 Clairmont Road Decatur,GA 30033
Auto Battery and Ignition 3rd and West Peachtree.
-I haven't actually used their services, but when I called with a question, they referred me to the mobile service they use to fix steering columns rather than taking my money as the "middle man". They did not ask to speak to my husband or boyfriend like some places did... I appreciated that. – K.K. Lamberty
- I had a light changed here - its a small place, one big workshop but seems like its been around for ever. A really nice old man helped me out and seemed very genuine and honest. Also it wasnt overpriced - I may go back here for any car repairs in future. –Marshini Chetty (2-8-07)
-This place rocks! I'd definitely go here again. I was treated with respect, and their prices are on par with other shops in the area. They're also within walking distance to TSRB. -Erika Shehan
Yes - 3
Formula One Collision 770-431-0303 They are BMW specialists, but work on all imports. Started out as mechanics for a BMW dealer and now provide many of the same services at a lower cost. Worth the 20-min drive to Smyrna. –Mitch Parry Yes
Gwinnett Place Honda678-957-5050While this dealer is not the closest to campus (Ed Voyles and Curry Honda are closer), I had a really good experience at this dealer. Very competitive service prices, frequent online service coupons, free wi-fi, car wash, and located near GP Mall. They'll also match another dealer's advertised prices, something Ed Voyle's won't. – Chris Plaue (5/2007) Yes
Eddie's Automotive404-252-0057
260 Mount Vernon Hwy Ne, Sandy Springs, GA
This is a great place to take Fords. Prices are decent and so is the mechanic. :-) Eddie's got enough business that he has no need to be shady. In addition to running a regular repair shop, he does all of the repairs for the Fulton County Police Dept. Look out for the mechanic's shop with the police cruisers in front. My partner's taken his Ford Ranger to Eddie for several repairs and has been pleased with the service. -Erika Shehan YES

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