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Help show the prospectives a good time! Put an X in the column of things you want to volunteer for. Note: mentoring a prospective doesn't mean he/she'll stay with you. It just means you'll have to pick your match up from the airport, have dinner, and maybe show him/her around some. If you're having a party, specify the kind of party – drunken debauchery kind, or board game/poker kind.


Student Volunteer Schedule 2008

Name (email) mentoring present research meet w/ prospectives student lunch panel show apartment having a party other (hiking trip, clubbing, Jake's, Underground, apartment tour guide... )
Shan Shan Huang (ssh) XXX
Julie Kientz (julie) X X X X
Zack Kurmas (kurmasz) X X X X
Jay SummetXXXXX
Quan Tran (quantt)X (awarehome)XXXX
Shwetak Patel (shwetak)X (GT Student) X X X X X (potluck, kindof like Mel's last year)
Yushi Jing (yjing) XXX
Valerie Henderson (vlh) X X
K.K. Lamberty (kristin) XXXXX (depending on how many students are coming and how long they'll be in town, I could host something,,, don't want to interfere with the potluck though)
Markus Haas (mhaas) X X X
James Eagan (eaganj) XXXX
Eli Tilevich (tilevich) XXX
Tammy Clegg (tlclegg) X XX X
Heather Richter (hrichter)X X X (maybe)
Christoph Csallner (csallnch) XXX
Alton Patrick (apatrick) X  XX     
Andrea Forte (aforte) X (Esp HCC admits, I'm probably transferring) XX
Patrick Widener (pmw) xxx
Chad Huneycutt (chadh) xx
Josh Fryman (fryman) xx
Erika Shehan (erika) xx X(maybe)
Dave Lillethun (davel) XX my place is too small, but can help organize a party elsewhere - email me if you'd like my help
Mark Nelson (mnelson) xxx x?
Jay Lofstead (lofstead)xxxx x (Stone Mountain, northern areas)

Also, don't forget to give your input on the Student's Guide To Atlanta

Add any suggestions you have here:

I have a question... which days and evenings will various events take place? I could host something on Saturday if people will still be around. -kk

They'll be arriving on Thursday and taking off Sunday morning (March 25-28th). So something both Friday and Saturday would be great. ~Julie

I'm willing to be a mentor for someone, but only if they are interested in LST. We used to have sign-up lists for specific students. Will that happen again? If so, when? -Je77

Je77– that's a good idea. There are LST students who were accepted, but we don't know if they're coming yet. We'll get something together and let you guys know when we know exactly how many people are coming. ~Julie

What's LST? - Shan Shan

Nevermind. Learning Sciences & Technology. Duh. ~Shan Shan