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Announcement for Squeak List





May 3-5, 2002
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Building projects involving graphics, sound, music, animation, video, and other forms of media can motivate computer science students, particularly those who may not be excited about more traditional programming projects. (Does anyone really believe that "Hello, World!" is a motivating assignment?) Valued computer science learning objectives can be met with multimedia assignments as well as with traditional assignments. Modern hardware makes these kinds of projects possible on traditional computers, and modern software like Squeak makes multimedia approachable and understandable.

The NSF Division of Undergraduate Education is sponsoring a workshop to help CS faculty to learn about integrating multimedia construction in CS courses. Speakers will include Dr. Alan Kay and CS faculty such as Dr. Rick Zaccone and Dr. Mark Guzdial who are using Squeak to enable multimedia projects in their current courses.

Concurrently, Stephen Pair is organizing a SqueakEnd at the same place on the same weekend. The goal is to create synergy between the two events. Squeakers who come for the SqueakEnd can also attend workshop sessions that they're interested in, and workshop attendees can hang out with the Squeakers to hear about the latest Squeak technologies.

FACILITIES: We'll be using two classrooms, each equipped with two projectors, NT computers in the classrooms, and Ethernet connections. Directly adjacent to the classrooms is a cluster of over 40 workstations: Pentium workstations bootable into NT or Linux, and SPARC workstations running Solaris. Outside the glass walls of the cluster is an open area with DHCP Ethernet connections at each table. Attendees will be given a College username/password for workstation and DHCP access for the weekend.

CALL FOR CS FACULTY ATTENDEES: We have funding for some 25 CS faculty to attend the workshop. Workshop attendees will have their lodging and meals covered, but are responsible for their own travel. Attendees will also recieve a CD with workshop materials and a copy of the textbook "Squeak: Object-oriented design with multimedia applications" by Guzdial (2001) courtesy of Prentice-Hall. CS faculty interested in attending the workshop should email with a subject line of "MM-CSED: Attend" Please tell us:

There are limited funds available to pay travel expenses of some faculty attendees. If you are interested in receiving these funds, please make your argument in your application and give us an estimate of your travel expenses. Our criteria in selecting faculty for travel funding are:

Applications will be accepted until March 1. We will inform applicants of decisions by March 15.

CALL FOR PRESENTERS: There are still some presentation slots open. If you are using Squeak in your class to integrate multimedia content, or if you would like to present some multimedia programming techniques that might be used in a CS class, we would welcome your participation! We have funding for travel, as well as lodging and meals for presenters. Please email with a subject line of "MM-CSED: Present" Please tell us:

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in presenting, by February 1 at the latest, and we will get back to you by Feb. 15. If you have materials that that you would like us to include on a workshop/SqueakEnd CD, we will need them by April 1.

CALL FOR SQUEAKERS TO COME TO SQUEAKEND: If you are interested in coming to the Atlanta Spring 2002 SqueakEnd, please let Stephen Pair know at We are asking SqueakEnd attendees to pay $90 BY CHECK OR CASH ONLY to cover meals. (Our NSF funds can only be used to pay for faculty attendees and presenters, but we don't want to have to segregate folks at meals. By having Squeakers contribute, we can have joint meals.) We can only comfortably handle about 100 people total. Please let us know if you are planning to join us for SqueakEnd by March 15 for planning purposes. We will reserve a block of rooms at the same hotel as the Workshop attendees and presenters.

Hope to see you in May in Atlanta!