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Presentation Materials

Presenters, feel free to upload your materials here for inclusion on the CD...

Lex Spoon, Georgia Tech, "An Introduction To Squeak", which contains the example image and changes file

Yisrael Lowenstein, Georgia Tech, "Digital Video Effects in Squeak"

Digital Video Special Effect in Squeak - CD Version.
NOTE:This requires write acces to the directory that it is run in...therefore, it CAN NOT, be run from the CD. - video clips of effects generated in squeak. - jmvs for presentation

Bijan Parsia, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "A Squeak of Life: Themes and Variations"

Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech, "A Computer Music Implementation Course"

Image and Changes for Music Essays
Paper on Computer Music Course

Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech, "Introducing Objects in Squeak"

Teachers' Manual on Teaching our Squeak Course
(The below documents are about a new Media focussed CS1 course we're developing: FYI.)
Description of Course
CACM article on teaching CS1 with MM

Rick Zaccone, Bucknell U., "Software Engineering and Squeak"


Dan Ingalls, "Modules in Squeak"

See the pages that are reached from

John Maloney, "Sound and Music in Squeak"


Stephen Travis Pope, U. Cal. Santa Barbara, "Teaching CS, Doing MM"


Craig Latta, IBM Watson Research Center, Stanford University

"Squeak in the Round" (formerly known as "Introducing Squeak to Composers")

Jeff Pierce, CMU, '3D Programming with Alice in the classroom and in a Squeak Wonderland"


Je77, Georgia Tech, "CoWeb/Squeak Wiki"

  1. Introducing the CoWeb / Swiki
  2. CoWebs in Classes
  3. ProjectWeb
  4. Installing a CoWeb Server

White Book Slides updated for Squeak 3.2

Not all of these slides have been updated from what's on the book CD. The main changes for Squeak 3.2 are in the Chapter 5 (Building UI) and PWW (Play Writing Workbench case study) pages, though there are also some in the Chapter 7 (Multimedia Nuts-and-Bolts) chapter. There is also a whole lecture on Wonderland in this set that isn't in the base set, as well as lectures on .NET and XP.