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Parking and Directions

For those bringing rental cars or their own cars, there is a visitor's lot at the corner of Ferst and State streets. (See for directions and map to the College of Computing Building.) There is also parking behind the College. Joan is sure that you won't need to pay anything.


From: (Joan Morton)
Date: Thu Apr 25, 2002 09:17:14 AM US/Eastern
To: (Mark Guzdial)
Cc: (Joan Morton)
Subject: Re: Fwd: [mm-csed] SOME confirmation numbers

The only time they may need to
pay for parking would be on Friday afternoon. And I believe that
they don't pay until they leave. So, if they park in the visitor's
lot across from CoC prior to 3 pm, but don't leave until 9 or 10 pm,
the gate will be open by then. On Saturday and Sunday, the gates
behind the College are up, and I would imagine the ones in the visitor's
lot will be also.

I checked with Linda Williams, and she agreed that there would be no
problem with this event falling during the weekend. Probably best
for them to park in the visitor lot all weekend, since that way they
are closest to the front entrance of the College.