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(Beta) Media Computation with Spreadsheets

This is a new project for transforming pictures into spreadsheets, and back again, letting you do Media Computation with Excel or OpenOffice Calc. This is like this Nifty Assignment by Cigas from 2007, but with support for common image formats (like JPEG and PNG) using an external tool. Blog post on Pixel Spreadsheet:

Brief 'teaser' video about PixelSpreadsheet:

Introduction to using PixelSpreadsheet:

More details on using PixelSpreadsheet with Excel:

Current version

Development version

18 July 2012: Has new features (HSV as well as RGB spreadsheets), but still undergoing testing.

Second Release

15 March 2012:

Original Release

Sample lesson:
PixelSS-User Manual.docx
PixelSS-User Manual.pdf
Windows version: PixelSpreadsheetExtractor.exe
Mac version: (Updated 16 May 2011)
Final Delivery