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Data Structures Book FAQ and Errata

There's been at least one report of problems using the Macintosh version of DrJava in adding to the "Extra Classpath." Here's a movie of doing it: The trick is to double-click on the folders to enter them. If you click the Select button, you select the folder instead of entering it.

Page 234: The caption and figure should say tree.getRoot() not tree.root(). We changed the name of the accessor to be more in Java style, but forgot to update the figure.

Page 252: The last three lines of Java Code 81 currently say:

StudentNode node = (StudentNode) node1.getNext();
node = (StudentNode) node.getNext();

But as is evident from the following code which fixes this code, it was supposed to say:


This was an example of having faulty code that we'd lead a student through fixing – but instead, including the fixed code!

Page 260: Strike implements BTreeNode from Java Code 82. The code got modified to implement Exercise 10.1, and we accidentally included the modified code.