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JES 3.1beta Downloads

There is now a stable version of 3.1:
For stable versions, go to this page.

There is a Mac 3.1 fix here:

If you're having trouble with JES on Vista:

I have a stop-gap measure to suggest for Vista. The current JES.bat executes the JRE that we provide with JES, and itís a JRE that has not been Vista-approved. Iíve modified it so that it uses whatever Java is on the system path. Hereís the process I suggest for Vista-using students:

Beta version: JES 3.1

The changes in JES 3.1 can be found here.

For corrections to problems in the Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python textbook, click here.

For Windows

Here is the Microsoft Windows release with the Java runtime environment bundled. Extract the zip file and run JES.exe (or jes.bat) to start JES. Click on Edit>Options to set your preferences.

For Macintosh

Here is the release for Mac OS X release. Open the disk image and drag the application to your Applications directory, and double-click to run. It requires OS 10.4 (Tiger).

For Linux and others

Here is the release for Linux and other Unixes. Extract the zip file and run to start JES. You'll need to have already installed Java 1.6. Strange errors will probably result with earlier Java versions! You may need to chmod to be able to execute it.
jes-3-1-beta-linux.tar.gz Updated 8/1/2008 to correct bug with writeQuicktime method.