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Media Computation Art Gallery BOF at SIGCSE'07

At SIGCSE 2007, we will hosted a Birds of a Feather meeting 5:45-6:30 on Thursday March 8.

We had a cross between a traditional BOF and a special session:

Presented at Art Gallery

PDF of posters that we had on the walls (many thanks to Jochen Rick, Brian Landry, Allison Tew, Brian Dorn, and Lana Yarosh for assembling these, printing them, and helping get them posted (with Monica Sweat and David Smith)!):
The PowerPoint presentations of the movies, images, and sounds: (205Mb)

Upload space

If you would like to show off your students' work at this event, please upload the media to one of these pages (don't forget – you'll be challenged with a username and password: "attach" and "carmen") or include a link:

Please be sure to edit the page (click "Edit" on the top of the page, then add text, then click "Save") to tell us:
  1. Student's name (unless the student would like to be anonymous)
  2. School

At the discussion, attendees might want to ask questions about particular pieces of art. Please be available to talk to people about the assignment resulting in the art work and any particular techniques used. THANKS!