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Assessment Tools

Here are tools that we have used in assessing media computation classes. You are welcome to borrow these and adapt them for your classes. If you would like to help in adapting these for your classes, please contact Lijun Ni ( or Mark Guzdial (

Advice about assessment

Here we list several tools used for different assessment aims. You can adopt them or look for more stuffs from the Library of Asessment Tools for your class.

Complete Package

Here's a complete set of a consent form, an initial survey, and a final survey. These were used in Spring 2005 for the initial offering of CS1316, our media computation data structures class. Obviously, these are Georgia Tech specific, but we'd be happy to work with you to make them into ones that will work for your institution.

Longitudinal Survey

We did do one follow-up survey, a year after the first offering of CS1315. We would be happy to work with you on modifying these questions for your class. As we mentioned in our design paper on CS1315 (Available on Reports on Using Media Computation), we found that we asked the wrong question here when we asked if the course changed how students used the computer. It was a bad question – most people said "No."(Of course! They still used a mouse and keyboard!) Instead they pointed out how they changed how they thought about the computer.

Library of Assessment Tools


Interview Guide

Here we list the interview guide we used in Summer 2003 for your referrence.It can be used to asess the change of students' attitudes and Opinions towards Computer Science and the Media Computation class.

Other docs

Here are some surveys used for measuring computing attitudes in some related researches.

Assessment Instruments from your schools

Here is the space for you to present the assessment tools used in your Media Computation class.

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