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JES Java Sources

These are the Java Classes that JES uses. Some of them need to be compiled with Java Media Framework classes available.
Current as of 6/1/04

HighlightingStyledDocument.javajavadocManages syntax highlighting for the JES Editor Pane.
JavaMovie.javajavadocCode for playing movies in JES through Quicktime For Java
JavaMoviePlayer.javajavadocEmbeds a JavaMovie in a JFrame for playback through QT4J
JavaMusic.javajavadocClass for creating and playing back MIDI music
JavaPicture.javajavadocImplementation of picture viewing and manipulation
JavaPixel.javajavadocCode for accessing pixels of pictures
JavaSound.javajavadocClass for sound playback and manipulation
JavaSoundException.javajavadocSupporting error code for JavaSound
JESGutter.javajavadocA linecount gutter for the JES Editor Pane
JpegImagesToMovie.javajavadoc A Sun implementation of Images to QT Mov
MovieMaker.javajavadocA front-end for JpegImagesToMovie
PictureViewer.javajavadocA class for viewing pictures with RGB info and zoom capabilities
SoundView.javajavadocA class for sound playback and waveform viewing

You can find all the classes plus the compiled .class files in this zip file:

All the Javadocs are available here:

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