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Mediacomp Software

Jython Environment for Students:

The Jython Environment for Students is a full-featured media computation environment for programming in Jython. It includes facilities for programming, debugging, and media examination. JES also comes with an extensive multimedia API, enabling easy and rapid manipulations of sounds, images, and on some platforms, video. JES was originally designed and implemented by Jason Ergle, Claire Bailey, David Raines, and Joshua Sklare. The second version was implemented by Larry Olson, Toby Ho, Ellie Harmon, Keith McDermott, and Adam Wilson. The latest version was implemented by Timmy Douglas and Alex Rudnick, with code additions from Barbara Ericson. It is currently maintained by Alex Rudnick.

JES comes in distributions for Windows, Macintosh OS X, and a source distribution that can be run on any platform with a Java VM, such as Linux.

The latest release:
JES 3, now available for download!

NOTE! New Media Support for CPython

MediaTools and MediaSources are available on the CS1315 Website

Macintosh JES-216.sit

Fixes in 2.16

Windows Version 2.16 zip (above) includes the JVM (as does the release on the CD included with the Python MediaComp book), including all fixes since the CD release.
Macintosh version does not include the JVM, but does include all fixes since the CD release.

Below distributions are identical to the JES release on the Python MediaComp book CD.

Windows Distribution

The Windows distribution is a directory containing all the files you'll need to run JES. To install, unzip the archive to either Program Files or your desktop. To run JES, just double-click on the program JES.exe inside the folder JES. If you're running an older version of Windows, you may have to run the program JES-console.exe.

Macintosh Distribution

The Macintosh distrubution is a normal Macintosh application. To install, unstuff the archive JES.sit. Then, copy JES to your applications directory. Drag it onto the dock for easy access if you wish.

Source Distribution

If you're running Linux or some other flavor OS, you can still run JES! All you need is a Java VM. The Sun VM is the only one Jython is guaranteed to work with, but some other VMs can sometimes work. Check compatibility on the Jython website. To install, just unzip the file. Inside the JES directory there is a script included to launch JES called Make sure that java is in your path, and it'll fire up the program.

Sources Archive

JES is implemented in a mixture of Java and Jython. The Media classes and Speed-vital systems are Java classes, while the rest of the system is in Jython. You can find the sources files on these pages:

Distribution Building

The following pages have instructions on how to build the Windows and Macintosh distributions from Source code.

Teacher's Edition

The Teacher's Edition of the MediaComp Software includes both the general edition of JES, and a Grading Assistant tool.

Turnin Free Edition

The turnin feature is still in the code. There is no way to access it without modifying the source though.

JES development

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