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NSF ROLE Proposal-May03

Strictly speaking, this is neither a paper nor directly related to the Media Computation class. But it does have some of the same people working on it, and the proposal does build on our results from the Media Comp class...and I wanted to find some CoWeb space where we could work on it, so let's do it here. :-)

I propose a process like on the Report on CS1315 Pilot where we sign out the draft, and perhaps upload with the a different name (though that's not strictly necessary – the CoWeb handles revisioning).

Here is the current draft and my BibTeX refs.

I copied a big section of the proposal out of this: finalreport.pdf finalreport.rtf

Last two grant proposals in this area, so many of the refs (like on how bad CS retention is) are here: ei-proposalNov02-final.pdf

6:46 am 5/23/03 - Just uploaded, pausing now. Mark

11:25 am 5/23/03 - Back to working on it – consider it locked for now, please. Mark


3:01 pm 5/23/03 - Got through the beginning of the proposed work, stopping for today. There are questions in there now for Je77, too. Mark

1:30 pm 5/27/03 Working now

(Uh, that was Mark)

5/29/03 8:19 pm. Here's the current state of the proposal: NSF-Role-May03-Proposal-Tex1.pdf

FRIDAY, May 30 4:00
Andrea added some citations. Will email more feedback by morning. NSF-Role-May03-Proposal-Tex1.tex.txt proposal.bib.txt

Here's the source: NSF-Role-May03-Proposal-Tex1.tex
These are the references files you'll need to build the source: finalreport.bib proposal.bib

Main issues:

Saturday May 31, 2 pm.
Mark has the edit. I've grabbed Andrea's parts and am merging in Je77's comments now.

Saturday May 31, 3 pm

I've got to run now – more later I hope. You'll find a whole new section in there, where I've inserted an influence diagram and am trying to articulate our theory better – something I hear both Je77 and Amy asking for. JNot all changes made in response to Je77 and Amy comments. Mark

Saturday May 31, 10 pm.

I consider this relatively DONE. If you have comments, send them to me, please, especially bugs/typos. I'll make small changes Monday morning then hand it over to Joan. I'm off to get the IRB process started (necessary for us to submit!).




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