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Sum03 JES Development

Here's our JES development space for Summer 2003:
Fall2003 Turnin

FINAL Versions

Oh crap! I just thought of...


A repository for new documentation files:

Standalone Releases

We'll place here standalone releases. The format I think is best is just including a jython install and a jre with the distribution. Of course, then the distros are platform-specific. The advantage is that you can unzip and run immediately. Maybe we'll put together an installer.


Once we get the first updated code, we'll make a page for builds where people can submit their current versions and get the latest, greatest. We'll post links to the latest zip of everything on this main page:
Also, we'll have a system in place for versioning and cheking out code. We'll talk about specifics on Wednesday. Basically, we need to set up a way to make sure that everyone's code still works together and we don't get multiple incompatible versions.


Here is the ever-growing list of JES bugs. When you find a bug, please add it to the page. If you're feeling brave enough to tackle a bug, move it to the claimed bug section and put a link to your page along with the bug description. We'll also put links to your bug pages here:

MediaTools Incorporation

Ellie and Keith are working on this, and we'll post a link here to the development page. If you guys want to put a little description or status update here, that would be cool.


Here is The JESDB Page. Toby is working on the debugger.


We need some tests to run on the builds to make sure that everything's working the way it should and that previously working things aren't broken.

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