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Regular Time for Fall Meetings

Interviewing Slots for CS1315, Spring 2004
Interviewing Slots for CS1315, Summer 2004

Put your name next to the times you can meet, please.

Trying again

I can't ever register yet, so I'll just schedule around what everyone decides on. - Adam

i have class at all of those times... -ellie
i have class at all of those times as well -Larry

Maybe this will help Mark schedule if we initial the spaces that we know will NOT be free...?

8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
mon (9:30-10,eh) AF,eh LO LOAFAF,LO
tuesLO, eh (9-9:30, eh) AFAF AF,ehAF,eh LO,eh eh,(430-LO)eh
wed (9:30-10,eh) AF,eh AFAF,LO AF,LO AF LO
thursLO,eh (9-9:30,eh) AF,eh AF AF,ehAF,eh LO (430-LO)
friLO (9:30-10,eh),LOAF,eh,LO LO LO LO

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