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Here's where we work on lectures, assignments, labs/lab-ettes/recitations.

Nov 19

Final version of book for Spring offering:

Nov 16

Book (book-distill.pdf) is now completed for Spring 2003 wrt content. Focus now is just on editing.

Nov. 8

Book (book-distill.pdf) is now over 150 pages. Sound synthesis is done now, too, and image processing is almost done.

Schedule and Book updates

Latest version of class schedule: Modified Course Schedule-v2.htm
The book (book-distill.pdf) is almost 100 pages now. Basic sound is done, starting on pictures.

Latest Schedule

1 October:
We're continuing to update the ClassSchedule-v4

Course Notes

14 Sept:
First draft of first two chapters of book: Missing File (/mediaComp-plan/uploads/book.pdf)
Version that may print better: book-distill.pdf

Learning Objectives and Course Plan 3

(Aug. 21, 2002)
We're finally to a point that I feel comfortable trying to identify learning objectives. Here are also the latest outlines of the course and of the course notes (book outline).

Course Plan Version 2 (45 lecture version)

(June 24, 2002)
Here's the second pass. The whole course plans now includes definitions of lablets (every week), quizzes and pre-quizzes (three), exams (three), homework (six), and projects (two). The Short Form lists just what's going on when. The whole CoursePlan includes the definitions of these things and when they're due.

Lecture Plan Version 1 (30 lecture version)

Here are my first-pass lecture plans. I don't propose this as the actual plan for the course!. It's a strawman – I wanted to go through the exercise of doing it all once, to see what fit and where and what the order might be, etc.

I fit it into 30 lectures (2 per week), but it's pretty tight, and some of those lectures are pretty packed: LecturePlans-v1.html (May 24, 2002)

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