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Faculty Workshop Dec. 11

The New Media Center and College of Computing Continuing Ed are allowing us to offer a free workshop on the media computation course. The goals are:

The workshop is open to faculty, staff, or graduate students interested in learning about the new media computation course.

The workshop will be held in the New Media Center (1st floor of Skiles) Dec. 11. I'm planing on 9am-4 pm with an hour break 12-1 for lunch. Some refreshments will be provided at breaks during the day. It will be a hands-on workshop where attendees will be expected to attempt programming projects during the course. We have room for 19 attendees.

We're going to cover basics of programming, sound, and some image processing on one day: Wed. Dec. 11. It will be a hands-on workshop: You'll be trying out our software and doing some media programming yourselves.

For more details on what the class would be about, please see the Curriculum page.

If you are interested in participating, please leave below:

Mark Guzdial,

Paddy Kennington,

Richard Barke,

Frank Clark,

Irfan Essa,

Maureen Biggers, (if there's room)

Jeff Pierce,

Elizabeth Adams,

Jennifer Haskins

Harry Smoak

Ron Ferguson,

Jim Foley,

Maryann Westfall,

Angela Flury,

K.K. Lamberty,

Bill Leahy,

Charles Fowler,

Daniel Muller,

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