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Sign up for Oct 18 Lunch

If you are interested in attending the Oct 18 Pizza Lunch (1-2 pm, Room 17 College of Computing Building), please sign up below. Put the next number next to your name, major, and email address in the box below, then click "Add to this Page." LIMIT IS 75 PEOPLE! The focus is on non-CS-major, non-Engineering majors but anyone is welcome.


0. Mark Guzdial, CS,

1.Leah Melnick, Inta,
2. Noah Randolph, STAC
3. Michael Clarke ARCH,
4.Andre Drake, Math,
5.Shirley Duong, UCS,
6.David Mann, UCS,

I'm sorry – the Oct. 18 lunch has been cancelled. We'll try to reschedule for another time

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