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Getting started

What can you do here to GET STARTED?

Beta Versions of JES

Older stuff below here

From: 5 November 2002
As of this writing, the Jython Environment for Stuents enters beta

  1. JES has been build to support Java 1.3.1, make sure that that is the version that you are using.
  2. Download and unzip it.
  3. From a command prompt, change into the JES directory and type "jes". That calls either "jes", or "jes.bat". (Linux and Mac OS X, you may have to type "./jes")
  4. From there, you can open the file and start playing with those examples, or better yet, start trying the examples in the book on the Curriculum page. (You'll need to fix pathnames, which are set up for Mark's computer for testing. pickafile() will help with that.

If this doesn't work for you (e.g., some Windows programs conflict with the execution of JAR's by setting classpath), try An alternative way to install JES

If you'd like to get the Java source files for the underlying media manipulations, see the Technology page.

This last Zip contains some media to play with, if you want to download it.

If you guys don't know python, here are some resources:
Python Cookbook:
Learning Python:

Book that we used in Spring 2003: book-Sp2003.pdf

If you just want the 10 second sounds for the examples in the book (see Curriculum page), grab this zip:

If you encounter bugs, please post to JES Bug List

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