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Assignment List
Turnin Definitions

The current plan is to use the programming language Jython ( in the course, which is a Java-based version of Python (

What can you do with this?

Getting setup

Jython Environment for Students (JES)

A Senior Design team has taken on the development tool for students, JES.

Jason Erglegte044x
Claire Baileygte227i
David Rainesgte173i
Joshua Sklaregt9654a

These are the initial plans I gave them: JESplans.html

Team Jes's work to date: JES Development
Feel free to give us feedback.

Java media wrappers

We need some low-level Java code to access media.

Version 3 Ran into a problem when playing multiple sounds – needed to drain the audio line, but that leads delays, so this one does it as a background thread, while adding blocking versions, too.
Version 4:Accepts durations, too. Rates work, too. And you can now concatenate sounds – setting a sample past the length extends the length – WooHoo!

Version 2: All features available. Now with javadoc!

July 11: Uploaded latest versions of (fixed an x,y access problem), (fixed a problem with playing files larger than a single buffer's size – Java was dropping bytes again), and the wrappers.

Jython Wrappers

The Jython media classes will use the Java wrappers developed above, and will provide a safe (i.e., lots of error checking) interface for students.

Version 1: Audio examples working.
Version 2: All examples working on What can you do with this? and included in the two files.


A Squeak-based set of tools for:

Adam Wilson ( is taking on the creation of the MediaTools for a Senior Research project.
MediaTools Development

Some notes: MediaToolsPlans.html

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