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MediaTools Development

MediaTools Development Space

Version being used in Spring 2003 offering
The JES Help files incluide help for MediaTools:

Current version: Nov 5, 2002

Delevopment Plans: MediaToolsPlans.htm
Current Squeak Image(8/27):

More Plans/To-Dos

I thought of another set of tools that we might want in the Media Tools, if we can fit them in. I'm going to be having students doing a lot of manipulations of pixels. It'd be great if we could give them a tool to explore pixel<->image relationships, such as:

End-of-Semester Final:

Squeak Image:
Squeak Files:
Description: MediaTools.doc


Fixed a little stupid error in opening a wav file in the sound recorder, and solved the problem of incorrect indices showing up when viewing a waveform fit to the window view.

The Pixel Tools are now complete. I put in a color picker image to get RGB values from, and a button to display that image. I also added a button to take whatever RGB values are stored in the text fields and make a huge block of that color.

Fixed the problem of when an MPEG is turned into a folder of JPEGs and then back into a JPEG movie, the images are out of order. I put leading zeros on the number smaller than the order of magnitude of the largest, i.e. 001...625.

The skeletons of all the tools, sound, video, and image are done. Just some refinements and quirk fixes need to be done. The problems are discussed on a sticky note in the home project on the image. I need to test JPEG writing on different systems.

Created this page. Swikis are cool.
The SoundRecorder is done now. It has functionality to write to disk as WAV or AIFF. Plus, you can now change the sampling rate of the recording. The options are 11025, 22050, and 44100 Hz. There is object checking to prevent the little squeak debug messages too. The wave viewer now works completely with the sound recorder. I was having some problems because the object that SoundRecorderMorph(RecorderControls) records to is different from the the object that the WaveViewerMorph(SpectrumAnalyzer) uses to draw its graph. SRM uses a SoundRecorder, while WVM uses a SoundInputStream. I modified the SRM to use a SoundInputStream, but I couldn't access the recorded sound when it was done recording. It turns out SoundInputStream overrides a function called emitBuffer: and disables the writeback.
Still have to reduce the WaveEditor to scrap and put it back together. That shoud be fun. I'm going to try to do that, and then see if there are still any ways to break the Sound Recorder. If there are, I'll put in more error checking. I'll try to do this by sometime next week.

Adam Wilson (

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