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New Features in 8-14-07 or later bookClasses

  1. The FileChooser window now always appears on top
  2. You can now set the directory that contains the media using FileChooser.pickMediaPath() which will let you pick the directory that contains your media. This allows you to use FileChooser.getMediaPath("shortName.jpg") like FileChooser.getMediaPath("beach.jpg") instead of specifying the whole path name for the media files.
  3. If you use FileChooser.getMediaPath without having set the media path using either FileChooser.pickMediaPath() or FileChooser.setMediaPath("full directory path"); it will now ask you for it.
  4. If you use the short name for a picture or sound and it can't find the media in the current directory it will automatically look in the directory that has been set as the media path.
  5. There is a new constructor for Sound that takes the number of samples and the sample rate.
  6. There is a no argument constructor for MoviePlayer now that will let you pick the directory that has the JPEG frames and then play the movie from the frames.
  7. There is a new class MovieCapturePanel that will let you capture JPEG frames from a movie to a directory. See for information on how to use this.
  8. There is a new class MovieWriter that will let you write a Quicktime (.mov) or AVI movie from a directory of JPEG frames.
  9. The directory now includes a javazoom.jar file for use with Eclipse. Be sure to add this jar as an external jar if you are using Eclipse.
  10. The directory also includes sound.jar and jmf.jar. You can add these to the classpath to use the movie capture.

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