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Beta Versions of JES

Official Development of JES has been moved to

Please refer to the new site for development builds, bug tracking, news, etc.

In-development, testing versions of JES go here. - 9/21/04 - When opening a new program area or opening a file to be loaded into the program area, JES prompts the user if they want to save the existing program area if it has been edited.

Sources v 1 0 - 9/22/04 - When a user chooses to save a file that already exists, they are prompted if they are sure they want to overwrite the existing file.

Sources v 1 0 - 9/30/04 -

Note: The file is setup to use different external configuration files. The following are the locations located in

Location of the new Dynamic Homework Turn-in Table

Location to find e-mail address associated

Available Assignments

coweb turnin location

Windows Distribution
The Windows distribution is a directory containing all the files you'll need to run JES. To install, unzip the archive to either Program Files or your desktop. To run JES, just double-click on the program JES.exe inside the folder JES. If you're running an older version of Windows, you may have to run the program JES-console.exe.

JES v 1 0 - Session Logger integerated, font-size bug fixed, rgb optimization

JES v 1 0 - Parenthesis color matching implemented - extra open parenthesis are red and extra close parenthesis are blue

JES v 1 0 - Left and Right Parenthesis are now both red, file path fixed for executible

JES v 1 0 - Integrated new release of Java classes.

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