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Beta Mediacomp Java Book Suggestions and Comments

Please record suggestions for the book here

Page 48: section 3.4.1 probably need to set the classpath in DrJava via Edit->Preferences->Resource Locations->Extra Classpath and type in the absolute path of the directory that contains the and files (the classes for this book)

Page 57: section 3.5. Nit-picking. DrJava may actually have two files open: and "Untitled". To avoid errors later, select Untitled in the file pane and File->Close to get rid of it.

Page 95: section 4.1 para 1 is concerns what a JPEG image is. para 2 introduces the concept of an array. Some sort of segue would be nice between the two such as "For us to write programs to manipulate images (such as JPEGs), we need to understand how images are stored and displayed. For this we need the tools of arrays, matrices, and colors."

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