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Media Computation book in Java

Nifty Mediacomp Assignments

Uploaded Image: bookCover.jpgThe Java book was published in April 2006. You can order the book from Pearon/Prentice Hall customer service (1-800-922-0579). The ISBN for the final published book is 0131496980. Please record any errors in the book at Errors in Java Mediacomp Book and any suggestions or comments at Comments on Java Mediacomp Book. Errors in the Solutions Manual

A custom black and white book was published in Jan 2006. If you are interested in this preliminary version you can order the book from Pearson/Prentice Hall customer service (1-800-922-0579). The ISBN for the custom book is 0536130418.

Creative Commons License

The source code in bookClasses and the slides are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

Teachers might want the bookClassesFinal directory which has the code after the exercises in the book. And, there is a solution manual as well. Go to the Instructor Resource Center on the
website and use ISBN 0131936026. You will be authenticated and receive an access code by email.

Beta Mediacomp Java Book Errors
Beta Mediacomp Java Book Suggestions and Comments