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Introduction to Media Computation: Planning Space

This is the planning space for the media computation project, which includes CS1315 Introduction to Media Computation (Watch it in action at and CS1316: Representing Structure and Behavior ( Follow the CS1316 link for the The Lion King reference from The Chronicle of Higher Education article.

The Best Starting Place

Talks and Papers on Media Computation

Article on our course at and
More on our use of the approach with high school teachers at

Older Material

Pointers to Resources

Planning Page for CS1316 "Representations of Structure and Behavior", the follow-on course!

Just looking for the JES Java Sources so that you can do media computation in Java? Look here

Google is still looking for Python programmers!

All the software and software information for the course can be found here: Mediacomp Software

The pre-release version of the book "Introduction to Media Computation: A Multimedia Cookbook in Python" was used until Spring 2005. It might be ordered (for class or for an evaluation copy) from Pearson Order Dept at 800-922-0579, ISBN 0536-80548-2. I've seen them on in the used books section.

GaComputes Final Report (Summative)_updated.pdf