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Ethics resources

Here are some resources from Dr. Jody Paul the new Chief Reader for the CS AP exam

IT Ethics Handbook by Stephen Northcutt (includes case studies) ( link)

Readings in CyberEthics (2nd Ed), ed. by Spinello & Tavani ( link)

IEEE Code of Ethics (IEEE portal link)

ACM Code of Ethics

ACM XXII Self-Assessment: The Ethics of Computing
Communications of the ACM
Volume 33, Issue 11; November 1990; Pages: 110-132

The following is from Matt Brenner

Sara Baase's (San Diego State
University) book called: "A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical
Issues for Computing and the Internet." It's filled with possibilities
for you. Here's a link:

The following are from Rodney Hoffman

If you have access (through a library or through ACM's Digital Library),
you might want to track down these two CACM articles:

1. "Self-Assessment Procedure IX: A self-assessment procedure dealing
with ethics in computing" edited by Eric A. Weiss from a book by Donn B.
Parker, "Communications of the ACM", March 1982, Vol. 25, No. 3, pages

2. "Self-Assessment" Procedure XXII edited by Eric Weiss from a report
by Donn Parker and others, "Communications of the ACM" November 1990,
Vol. 33, No. 11, pages 110-132.

Both contain a number of short scenarios presenting ethics issues,
followed by questions, and then opinions from panels of computer

I like to read selected scenarios, ask the questions, have my students
discuss these, then read the panel opinions.

Some of the scenarios are dated, but not all. Examples:
- Using government-owned personal data for business purposes
- Installing an inadequate system
- Disregarding impact of computerization on employees
- Selecting favorable computer output in a feasibility study
- Hacker accessing computer services
- Using students as subject of a computer-assisted instruction
- Student offering limited access to a pornographic questionnaire
- Marketing a software product known to have bugs
- IT Security manager monitoring e-mail


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