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Programming Contests

IBM Master the Mainframe - starts in Oct with $29,000 in prizes and no experience is necessary.

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) - only for high school students
And students solve linguistics puzzles, learn about the diversity and consistency of language, while using logic skills. Starts Feb 2, 2011.
Give students a taste of natural-language processing in the 21st century

COMCOM: Free monthly on-line programming contest by Richard Lamb, 5 contests per year and programs can be written in any language.

USACO: USA Computing Olympiad, 6 contests a year.

Georgia Educational Technology Fair - State comp is March 12, 2011 at Howard HS in Macon, GA
Only first place winners from the 13 regional districts qualify for the state competition
Individual and Team Programming Challenge as well as other non-programming categories

FBLA / SkillsUSA
Computer game and simulation programming
Desktop application programming
A+ type of competition
Must program in Visual Basic, Java, C#, C++, or RPG

Games for girls contest

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