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SIGCSE Multimedia Projects for CS1 and CS2 in Java Workshop 2008

Please bring a laptop as we will have some hands-on work during the workshop.

Please install a development version of Java on your laptop. You can download it for free from Get JDK 6 Update 5 (though our materials will work
with Java 5 (1.5) and up).

You can also install DrJava on your laptop. You can download this for free from

We will be giving out CDs with Java, DrJava, and our materials (Java classes, slides, part of the books) at the workshop.

Constructing and manipulating media is a motivating context for students in CS1 and CS2. Modern computers are capable of interesting media effects in reasonable running time. In this workshop, we will present algorithms and programs in Java that work with pictures, sounds, videos, and text. Example techniques include mirroring a picture, removing “red-eye”, chromakey (“blue/green screen”), reversing a sound, changing the pitch of a sound, parsing web pages for information, creating frame-based animations, creating linked lists of MIDI music and using trees to represent scene graphs.

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