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Computing in the Modern World Resources

Curriculum for web development course

Computing Career resources

Lesson plans from CTAERN

Friendship algorithm and flowchart from the TV show Big Bang Theory

Computational Fairy Tales

Building a computer game

Computer Ethics

Networking worksheet (ping, telnet, dns, etc)

Networking basics interactive resource

Lessons on history, hardware, binary, and networking

Applets to teach several concepts including packet transmission across a network

INformation on cyber bullying

Guess the computer game This only shows pictures and the names. It doesn't link to more information about any of these.

Binary, Hex, and Octal Resources

Materials from Stacey Armstrong for a pre-ap course

Web page development.
Un of Wash course and
Microsoft has lessons and free software for use in schools at
Tutorials and and and

You can also use Web Developer Express
Popular website for beginners with lots of on-line tutorials
Un of Wash course for 9-12th graders
Materials for a course by Rick Kick
Materials for a web design class (20 weeks 45 min a day CSS, HTML, and JavaScript)
A recommended book

Website with raw data to be processed

Networking Concepts
Videos that show networking concepts
Test on internet and networking concepts from Cisco
Game for learning about networking
Game for leanring about careers
Cheatsheet for packet game
Cheatsheet for search game
Area for leanring about women that work in networking about computer viruses

Programming Concepts
Using Scratch: teaches about flowcharts, event handling, simple sequential execution, loops, variables, conditionals, parallel execution, and message passing.
IntroScratch-short.ppt- short introduction to Scratch
SimpleWitchGame-6-4-2009.ppt - creating a simple game in Scratch
SCRATCH Animation Rubric.doc

Textbooks teachers are using:
Discovering Computers 2009 Complete (ISBN 13:978-1-4239-1198-2 and ISBN 10: 1-4239-1198-9) with on-line materials
Discovering Computers: Fundamentals, Fourth Edition (ISBN 13: 978-1-4239-1209-5 and ISBN 10: 1-4239-1209-8)
However, neither of these covers the programming part of the standards. You can use Scratch, Alice, or LEGO robots to cover that part. For more
information on Scratch see for more information on Alice see

Magazine on computing
Free flowcharting and network diagramming software
Free flowcharing software
Free software that lets you create Java programs using flowchart symbols

Sample Syllabii:
Computing in the Modern World - Year.docby Cheryl Deas is for a year long course
?file src="Computing in the Modern World Syllabus Spring 08.doc"?

ACM Computer Science in the Modern World Course
?file src="Level_2_Objectives_Outline.pdf"?

Also see materials in the CSTA web respository for a Level II (2) course from the ACM Model Curriculum. You must
be a CSTA member, but membership is free. Seehttp://csta.acm.orgI strongly suggest you join the Computer
Science Teachers Association (CSTA)!

You can use activitites from CS Unplugged. See
A short lesson on CPUs and ALUs
A short lesson on web browsers
A short lesson on the internet
You can also use actvities from
A binary number game that tests decimal to binary and binary to decimal is at
A magic trick with binary numbers is at
For a lesson plan on buying a computer see
For several lesson plans for computing such as the peanut butter and jelly one see
Here is a web course with php
Here is material for web design and free software from Microsoft
Here is some material on network basics also see
Here is some great material on the history of computers and important hardware terms

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